Breast Reduction

Op. Dr. Serif Yavuz 

Breast aesthetic operations are becoming more important every day. At this point, there is a demand for breast reduction surgeries as well as breast augmentation. In fact, we should say that breast reduction surgery has become even more popular in recent years.

The medical name of breast reduction surgery is known as reduction mammaplasty. It is preferred to eliminate medical problems that may arise if the breasts are sagging and larger than normal. In other words, aesthetic concerns are at the forefront in this operation. However, at the same time efforts are made in order to eliminate medical problems. In addition to reducing breasts size, this operation is also performed in order to restore the breast’s erect after pregnancy and breastfeeding periods. In addition to all these, this operation can be used to eliminate the pressure feeling created by bra straps on shoulders. Finally, we can say that it is a suitable operation for women who complain about not being able to do certain physical activities.


What is breast reduction?

We mentioned that there are multiple reasons for breast reduction surgery. Except for medical reasons, this operation is performed only to those who are uncomfortable with the appearance of their breasts. We can say that the operation takes between 2.5-4 hours depending on the size of the breasts. It is an operation performed by removing skin and breast tissue using inverted T or lollipop incision methods. Breast reduction surgery is not as difficult and risky surgery as it is thought. We can clarify that the person will be recovered as soon as possible after the surgery. In fact, within a week at most normal life can be resumed without any effect of the operation. Also, some scars may occur after breast reduction surgery, as in any other aesthetic operations. Although the small incisions and stitch marks are visible, however the skin will return to its original appearance after about 3-4 months.

Aesthetic concerns and medical reasons attract attention as reasons for this operation. We can say that the reasons such as sagging, not being symmetrical, bad appearance, not being able to find suitable clothes, which occur due to the large breasts, are the main reasons to do this operation. In addition, it is possible to apply for breast reduction operation to eliminate shoulder, neck and back pain which is depending on the size and weight of the breasts. Also, this surgery can be performed to prevent humpback.

The life of women with large breasts is more difficult than normal women. First of all, they have a hard time doing certain physical activities. Diaper rash, fungus, infection and wound formation may occur under the breast. Also, breast reduction operation can be used to eliminate the pressure that been created by the bra straps. It should be clarified that the size of the breasts is a serious problem. At this point, the lifestyle of the patient is as effective as genetic factors. Breast reduction surgery may also be necessary for people who are overweight, or who enter the breastfeeding period after the pregnancy process, who have hormonal irregularities, and who are under the influence of factors such as different ailments and ageing.

As a result, it is possible to apply this operation indirectly for both aesthetic and medical reasons. It is aimed with this surgery to obtain breasts in the sizes desired by the patient and with the least possible scar. At the end, having symmetrical and aesthetic breasts is only one of the goals of this operation.


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How is breast reduction surgery performed?

Breast reduction surgery is as we explained before, it should be performed by a doctor who knows this job and has the highest level of experience. In its simplest form, this operation is performed by removing the adipose tissue in the breast and skin. Keep in mind that this operation is suitable for women aged 20 and over who have completed breast development just like in breast augmentation surgery. In other words, it is never recommended for girls younger than 20 to undergo this operation.

Breast reduction surgery is performed under general anesthesia as in many aesthetic operations. As we mentioned before, there are two different methods to perform this operation. which uses lollipop incision and inverted T incision methods. The operation duration takes up to four hours depending on which method to use and the characteristics of the breasts. In the lollipop incision method, a circular incision is made around the nipple. After the incision, the breast and excess skin tissue in the area are removed. During this process we need to be careful to avoid any damage to the milk ducts.

In the reverse T incision method, an inverted T letter incision is made at the bottom of the breast. As a result, the excess breast and skin tissue is removed. No matter what method is performed, the person who has undergone breast reduction surgery must stay at the hospital for one day after the operation. After draining and dressing, the patient is discharged. However, checkups should be made especially during the first two weeks. Stitches are removed after the control in the second week. Also, special creams are used in order to reduce scars appearance. In addition, the patient is recommended to use special bras. The patient can continue their normal life within a week at the latest. However, it is recommended to wear a sport’s bra or special corset for six weeks after the operation in order to protect the breasts.

We should clarify that not everything will be easy after breast reduction surgery. Pain may be encountered especially during the first 6-12 months. In particular, we should be clear that mild stinging will be the issue. However, this pain or aching is not a situation that will decrease the quality of life of the patient.

“After Breast reduction surgery, sports bras or a special corset should be worn for at least four weeks“

Op. Dr. Serif Yavuz 

What should be considered after breast reduction surgery?

There may be some problems after breast reduction surgery. As with any other aesthetic operations, scarring can be seen. However, the shape and size of the leave varies depending on the used method and severity of the operation. We can say that the allowance will be much less in the lollipop type. In this method, there will be no obvious scar due to the small amount of incision. We should state that the scar will be much more pronounced in the reverse T type of surgery. Also, it should be said that the leave that occurs after this method will disappear after a while. The scar that will occur after the operation will also varies according to how much the breast is sagging or at what rate it is desired to be reduced.

As we said before, it is extremely important to rest after breast reduction surgery. Therefore, it is necessary to rest at home for at least three days and at most seven days. In additional, antibiotics and pain medication that been recommended by the doctor should be used. The use of a sport’s bra is also essential. If a sport’s bra does not put pressure on the breasts and prevents sagging of the breasts, this process will be overcome without any problems.

After the breast reduction surgery, the dressing days will be determined by the doctor who performed the operation. It is extremely necessary to have dressing on the specified dates. Because, possible infections that may occur are prevented with dressing. We should also point out that there are some points that accelerates recovery. Finally, it is essential that the patients undergoing this surgery to avoid lifting weights for long periods of time. If the patient paid attention to these points, they will not have any problems.

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Staying for one night in the hospital for monitoring, and after the surgery for a period of 6 days for an examination and control by the doctor

It is possible to return to daily life after at least 10 days, keeping in mind that the patient should be following the instructions explained by the doctor

The duration varies between 3-4.5 hours, depending on each patient condition

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